New English File/ Beginner

New English File/ Beginner.


This series with all of it’s resource materials is the best out there as far as I (with my 17 years of English teaching experience) can see. It is well-designed and you can just feel that it’s been thoroughly tested in action. The speed of the course is just fine as long as the students had the appropriate level to begin with (not too low). The workbook is excellent homework material for students. If the students have the appropriate level, if they study and actually attend your classes and if they are punctual, they can keep up with the classes just fine. As always the onus is on the students to actually do their homework.

The down side to this workbook plus “MultiRom” is that when you receive it, you may not actually know how to make it work. It’s supposed to work in your CD player as a CD and in your computer as a PC-program, but mine didn’t in both Windows Vista and XP and I’m an advanced user. If you have a problem and you need assistance from their technical support department, good luck. I’ve called every support number available and every single one of them passed the buck through to some answering machine. Their post-purchase service is hell.

Student’s Book, Class Audio CDs.

Key features:

* 100% new.

* Motivating, real-world material.

* Grammar Bank with rules and exercises.

* Illustrated Vocabulary Bank and Sound Bank.

* Practical English with authentic interviews.

* The perfect balance of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and skills to get the students speaking English with confidence.

* Shorter syllabus for Beginner-level students.

* Three CDs of class listening material.


* Student’s Book:  Student’s book for beginner

* CD1: Audio CD

* CD2: Audio CD

* CD3: Audio CD

Teacher’s book

The password of the workbook is:

* Workbook with audio CD 

51 thoughts on “New English File/ Beginner

  1. Dear Amr,
    Thanks a lot for sharing these materials. I have a query, though. I was able to download New English File Beginner, CD1 all right, but not CD2. When I want to extract the files, this time I’m asked to provide a password I don’t have. Any suggestions?
    Thank you in advance.

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  2. Mr. Wady! Thank you so much for sharing these materials. They are very helpful! I just wanted to ask you a favor. when I tried to extract the Workbook with audios files I’m asked to provide a password… where can I find the password? Would you help me this time, please? Thank you a lot! Regards from Brazil.


  3. Hello Mr. Wady,
    I have downloaded the workbook and have tried several of the passwords you have posted in the comments. Has the password changed? Thank you for your help.


  4. Hello! thank you for this incredible contribution. I’ve just downloaded CD3 but I realized that the one you have here is CD1. I mean, you uploaded CD1 and then, you did the same with the number 3.


  5. Hello Mr AMR,
    thank you so much for sharing these invaluable materials. But I have a question:
    Is it legal to use this teaching material concerning the copyright?


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