Multimedia English Club

Multimedia English Club

Multimedia English Club is an e-learning group on Facebook that aims at improving the English language of learners of all age groups. It gives learners of all proficiency levels an opportunity to learn English on their own terms.

Multimedia English Club engages people in a fresh, new vision of English. We believe that English is best learned through the integration of real life experiences, such as a supportive English speaking community, an enriching cultural context, and meaningful relationships. Let´s HAVE FUN together learning English.

Here is a link to this group on Facebook:

The objective:
1- To enjoy learning English (literature and linguistics).
2- To communicate and exchange information, knowledge and experience.
3- To develop English speaking skills through our discussion every week on skype conference.
The group rules:
1- Use English only in the group (Try to avoid using any other language or Franco)
2- All members should respect each other (You can speak about anything but in a decent and respectful way.)
3- Don’t put any personal information or add anyone you don’t know. If anyone annoys the others he/she will be dismissed.
4- All members can enjoy through effective participation.
5-All members can share any useful posts like idioms, vocabulary, articles, grammar, poetry, view points, videos…etc.
Dear respected members I’m going to give three medals every week…on FRIDAYS
“Golden Medal”
” Silver Medal”
” Bronze Medal”
For they participate more and more also at the end of every month And at the end of every year For every medal you get, I will send you presents …”software presents” like Cards, books, magazine, teaching online ..etc The choices will happen through voting I will put some members to choose three from them, then It will be easy to choose the winners.

5 thoughts on “Multimedia English Club

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  2. Amr, good day. I saw on YouTube that you’ve uploaded Real Life Elementary Episode 1 and 2, could I get the rest of the season, how? Looking forward to your answer. Have a wonderful day.

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