4 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. Mr. Amr, really is very interesting the course that you was taking, we don´t imagine what is the true into the Islam legislation, we thinking that all have to see with the religion, I believe that are better the rules and legislation into the occidental countries. We believed that the European Union, would be a true union talking in economic terms and a real brotherhood political and social power union with all their neighbors. We can see that some of them don´t grow because they have a very serious economical problems. others have problems of development like Grecian And Spain is the garbage collector of the other big European nations.
    I live in México, and we are dominated for the desires of USA..I never read or study about the politics of the Islamic nations, because in this part of the world we are thinking that are all terrorist with a lot of money. Thanks for your good information.

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  2. Share your opinion sister Maria, too, I would encourage Mr. Amr this valuable information, and that shows that Islam is a religion of forgiveness and honesty and brotherhood, and peace, and correct his image, which is now replaced the attention of all countries of the world, who they see that Islam is the reason all of these conflicts, Thanks a lot Mr Amr , and I wish you success in this

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