General English

Basic Tactics For Listening 2nd Edition by Jack C.Richards




The new edition contains even more listening practice, plus expanded speaking activities, while retaining the effective listening practice and clear, natural language that teachers love, within a student-friendly page design.
How can it be used?
* As the basis for an intensive listening course or a language laboratory course.
* As a complementary text in a conversation course.
Who is it for?
* Adult and young adult learners of American English.

Key features:
* Fun, natural-sounding recordings that reflect everyday situations.
* New follow-up listening and speaking activities for in-depth practice.
* Expanded ‘Over to You’ sections for extra speaking practice.
* A Student Audio CD for practice outside the classroom.
* Photocopiable speaking activities for each unit.
* Mid-term, final, and unit tests with Audio CDs for easy student assessment


CD1: Unit 1->8
CD2: Unit 9->16
CD3: Unit 17 ->end


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