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Ann Baker – Ship or Sheep 3rd edition

Ann Baker - Ship or Sheep Third Edition


This book has been written to help you recognise and pronounce English sounds. This book contains 49 units. Each unit practises a different sound and provides a variety of activities for this purpose. Stress and intonation, as well as sounds, are important for successful communication in English and aspects of these are also introduced and practised.

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  1. I try correctly translate from Russian into English. So, “С 13 по 17 июня 2016 года Ассоциация «Болашак» проводит республиканскую акцию «Bolashak Life».

    1. “From 13 to 17 of June 2016 Association “Bolashak” conducts a republican campaign «Bolashak Life».
    2. Between 13 and 17of June 2016 Association “Bolashak” conducts republican campaign «Bolashak Life».
    Is it correct?

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  2. I love your site! I’m from Brazil and you have no idea how you always save my life ❤ Thank you so much!


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