Top Notch TV Fundamentals Course Season 1.

The four-Level “Top Notch TV Video Course,” by Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher, builds both Listening comprehensions skills and Productive Language skills. Each level of “Top Notch TV” consists of a hilarious TV-style situation comedy and authentic on-the-street interviews. In addition, five original pop songs and karaoke help reinforce new language. “Top Notch TV” is available in DVD or VHS format and Comes Packaged with photocopiable Activity Worksheets and Teaching Notes.
The “Top Notch TV Video Course” CAN be Used in a number of Ways:
* As a video-based Complete Listening / Speaking Course That Teaches Key Vocabulary, Grammar, and Social Language
* As a video-plus-workbook Supplement to Accompany the “Top Notch” Textbook series
* As a video-plus-workbook complement to any Low-Beginning to Intermediate-Level English Language Course
* As a self-study or distance-learning video-plus-workbook program.